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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
This is from Zula Patrol, which is an educational show done in computer graphics. 

I could have done the storyboards traditionally, but I elected to do them digitally.  It turned out to be a great advantage in that certain things-such as the movement of tectonic plates- must be 100% authentic and scientifically accurate.  These can be easily copied or traced in from other sources, thus guaranteeing a much more accurate product than simply eyeballing it. 

In this episode, the devious Deleria has transported herself, her chauffer Cloid, and spunky Zeeter back in time so that she can lay a claim to ownership of Earth before anyone else has a chance to, since there are no people yet.  This is probably the most fun sequence, since it has a dinosaur.

--Dave Simons