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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
[Conversation, January 2009]

Dave Simons: Check these out and let me know which are your favorites.
Daniel Best: you've managed to nail Cyclops and Marvel Girl perfectly.  Very impressive indeed.  No Iceman I see, or very little (only in groupd shots), but I guess there's still a gazillion more cards to go.
Dave Simons: Yes. I got another very positive reaction to the Scott & Jean holding hands.  I'll be doing 500 total, so plenty of room for Iceman!
Daniel Best:  The Angel shots and The Beast are looking good.
Dave Simons:  Angel's fun to draw.  Flying characters usually are, and he has wings!  Take it from me, guys (or chicks) with wings are fun to draw.  There's an idea--Hawkman vs. Angel.  Hawkman would win, of course.  He uses mideival weapons and Warren is a spoiled rich kid.

Unfortunately Dave wouldn't finish his X-Men cards - indeed these 50 cards shown here are all he was able to complete and are the amongst the last of Dave's professional work to be both produced and published, outside of commissions.  He'd kept up a manic pace with the trading cards he'd done, managing to draw nearly 1,000 cards for the three series he'd been involved with and was gearing up to draw another 500 cards for the forthcoming Spider-man archives.  Dave was highly disappointed with himself for not finishing the job and missing the deadline, but he still committed himself and expected to finish both the X-Men and Spider-Man cards.

Dave had grand plans for the rest of the X-Men cards and was working his way through the various line-ups.  With 500 cards to do he wanted to make each and every one of them different and the idea was for him to do around 150 of the Classic X-Men, around 100 assorted cards of associates and villains and the rest would have been the Modern X-Men.  Sadly it just wasn't meant to be.

Early discarded Beast sketch, done on a Fantastic Four sketch card