The Women Of Marvel are a series of trading cards that Dave supplied the original art for.  These cards will be dropped into random packets of trading cards published by Rittenhouse. 

Here's the blurb from their own site:  Following up on 2006's SOLD-OUT "The Complete Avengers", comes second set of trading cards based on Marvel comics, The Women of Marvel. This comprehensive trading card collection will cover all of the key female characters in the Marvel Universe - from the Invisible Woman, to She-Hulk, to Spider-Woman, to Rogue, to Mystique and many more of the most powerful and sexiest women ever drawn on comics! 
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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
Dave did several sketch cards for Rittenhouse.  He worked on the Women Of Marvel and Fantastic Four series and was in the process of doing cards for their X-Men line when illness forced him to cease.  The cards were hard work and paid very little in comparism to other work and he was expected to provide full pencils, inks and colours.  Dave would normally attempt to draw around 500 cards in this manner as to maximise his payments.  To keep things interesting Dave would generally throw some obscure or unexpected characters into the mix, with this series Dave drew cards featuring Howard The Duck's Kidney Lady and Ruby Thursday, from the pages of the Defenders.  The latter is a character that has a typical comic book figure, but with a romvable red sphere for a head.  That appealed to Dave.

Typical of Dave he was always recommending other artists that he knew, or knew were out of work, to Rittenhouse.  This way the artists would get some small work, in most cases just enough to pay the weekly bills.  Dave would do this even knowing that it might reduce his own workload.  According to the Rittenhouse site, Dave drew approximately Dave Simons 458 trading cards for the Women Of Marvel series alone.  Dave once told me that he expected to draw around 500 cards per series.

Dave always pointed me towards eBay auctions of the cards, but I had an issue with some of the money being asked, especially knowing how little he'd been paid.  This didn't phase him at all, he believed that once the work was finished then that was that - he got paid.

In December of 2008 I was finally able to commission Dave to draw a set of three Fantastic Four cards.  I know I didn't pay enough, but Dave was insistent that his price was his price and that the set he drew wasn't worth what I'd paid.  He was wrong...

--Daniel Best
I'm glad we got the Kidney Lady in there!  Remember her?  If you go to the Rittenhouse site it says how many I actually did.  I'm actually surprised at how good some of them look.

--Dave Simons