In 2009 Bob Shaw produced Dave's first and to date, only, sketchbook with Dave's full involvement and input.  The book consisted of twenty illustrations, all hand picked by Dave, and covered all aspects of his career, from rough sketches through to completed commissions, character concepts and more.

Dave was proud of his sketchbook and launched it at the 2009 New York Comic Convention where he signed and sketched on the inside and rear blank covers.  He also exchanged his sketchbook with Walter Simonson, who was also launching his first sketchbook at the Convention.
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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
Inside front cover.
Inside back cover.
Back cover.
Dave Simons and Walter Simonson exchanging sketchbooks
Immediately after the New York Convention Dave sent me my own sketchbook.  He had used his quiet time at the New York Convention to create three sketches in the book itself, as seen on this page.  This was in addition to using the main image from a Secret Invasion remarked cover which I had purchased on eBay. 

Copies of the sketchbook are still avaliable, contact Bob Shaw to inquire about cost.
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