Here's some of my inking over Rags Morales from Forgotten Realms.  Rags remains one of my favorite pencillers, and he's just gotten better with time. 

I remember how I got this assignment -- I walked in to Elliot Maggin's office, having learned that he was doing the TSR books.  I had a bunch of Conan material with me, figuring that any editor would see that if I could draw one guy with a sword I could draw a bunch of guys with swords.  Plus I had already worked directly for TSR doing illustrations.  Rags' stuff was out on the desk and I knew it was something I could do great work on.  A short time later I was inking Forgotten Realms.

Rags and I hung out in Greenwich Village one afternoon during that era, but didn't socialize much otherwise.

--Dave Simons

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