A TSR illo:  This one takes place in a civilazation loosely based on the Byzantine Empire.  The foreground figure has been awakened in the middle of the night to find his servant murdered by a mysterious albino.

--Dave Simons

Back cover for Dark Corridor magazine.

Colored in Painter IX.
Illo for TSR: Evil Puppet.  This was from a series of illos of demonic puppets.  It's a tiny Pinocchio with a straight razor, fun!

--Dave Simons
This was done as a postcard for Stratolab, a "computer day camp" where they teach kids to use fun computer programs.  Done entirely in Painter IX.

--Dave Simons
Illo for TSR (the guys who originally did Dungeons and Dragons, before Wizards of the Coast):  This is an Arabian fantasy type scene featuring a female fighter who reacts as the wall near her opens to reveal a genie.  What possessed her to sit in that demon-shaped chair, I have no idea.  I don't write 'em, folks.

--Dave Simons
Throughout my career  I've done odd little "commercial art" jobs.  Jumpy the Jester is the mascot for a costume shop in New York called Halloween Adventure.

--Dave Simons
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Here's a logo I did for a friend of mine.  The name of the company (which I came up with) is Sofa Magician!

--Dave Simons
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