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In 2007, The Hero Initiative, the charity dedicated to helping older comic creators in medical or financial need, enlisted the aid of 100 top-flight Spider-Man artists throughout history to create The Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project , a collection of 100 original Spider-Man covers. Hero is reprising the program with something meaner and greener.

Marvel Comics has generously donated 100 blank-covered cardstock copies of the new Hulk #1 to Hero. The call has gone out to create a new, Hulk-centric “Ultimate 100,” and dozens of artists are currently putting pen to paper. Artists involved include well-known Hulk vets such as Sal Buscema, Mike Deodato Jr., Ron Garney, Ed McGuinness, Don Perlin, Herb Trimpe, Ron Wilson, and more. In addition, Marvel superstars such as J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Frank Cho, David Finch, Joe Quesada and John Romita Sr. have stepped up to add their own take on ol’ Greenskin.

Dave Simons has contributed two Hulk covers, complete with back cover artwork.
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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
Dave always appreciated the assistance that the Hero Initiative provided to him in his time of need, and also the assistance that they provide on a daily basis to comic book veterans who have fallen on harsh times. As such he was always very giving to charities and would always donate sketches and art to worthy causes and he'd urge people to do the same.  Dave was very proud of the fact that his Hulk covers raised a few thousand dollars for Hero.

In early 2009 when he was very ill, he asked me to write to Hero informing them of his situation, which I promtly did.  I never did get a reply, but Dave was grateful that they instantly released funds to help him pay his bills.  This helped provide a buffer until the Dave Simons Appeal was able to really get into the swing of things.

The Dave Simons Appeal was established by Bob Shaw and myself, with the aim of raising as much money as we could to cover Dave's day to day costs and bills and to also assist him move to a more suitable property.  We were going along quietly when Clifford Meth entered the scene and then things really took off.  Artists who'd never met Dave pitched in, artists such as Walter Simonson, Frank Brunner, Gene Colan, Norm Breyfogle, Bob Almond, Shawn McManus, Mike Mignola, John Romita and many, many more all graciously gave donations and art, all the profits of which went straight to Dave - even Dave donated art, something that tickled him.  As a result Dave's last few months were as comfortable as possible and that's due to the very kind donations from everyone involved the efforts of Bob Shaw and Clifford Meth.

--Daniel Best