"Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet."
ó Robert E. Howard, The Phoenix on the Sword, 1932

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #167, pages 25; 27 & 29


Conan of the Isles (Graphic Novel)
Issue #nn: Inks (John Buscema pencils)

Conan the Barbarian
Issue #167: Inks (John Buscema pencils)
Issue #186: Inks (Michael Docherty pencils)

Conan Saga
Issue #20: Pin-up
Issue #25: Cover Art Inks (Howard Chaykin pencils); Pin-up

The Handbook of the Conan Universe
Issue #1: Pencils

King Conan
Issue #20: Inks (Marc Silvestri pencils)
Issue #21: Inks (Marc Silvestri pencils)
Issue #24: Pencils

The Savage Sword of Conan
Issue #90: Pin-up
Issue #92: Inks (John Buscema pencils)
Issue #95: Inks (Ron Wilson pencils)
Issue #97: Pin-up
Issue #106: Pencils
Issue #112: Story/Plot/Pencils
Issue #113: Pin-up
Issue #127: Pin-up
Issue #131: Pencils
Issue #132: Pin-up
Issue #154 (Terry Tidwell pencils)
Issue #155: Pin-up
Issue #156: Pin-up
Issue #157: Pin-up
Issue #159 (Michael Docherty pencils)
Issue #161: Pin-up
Issue #164: Pin-up
Issue #169: Story/Plot/Pencils
Issue #171: Pin-up
Issue #172: Pin-up
Issue #175: Pin-up
Issue #194: Pin-up
Issue #196: Pin-up
Issue #200: Pin-up
Issue #201: (M.C. Wyman pencils)
Issue #213: Pencils

Savage Tales (Volume II)
Issue #1: Pin-up

Red Sonja (Volume II)
Issue #2: Cover Art

Red Sonja (Volume III)
Issue #1: Cover Art and Interiors: Pencils

Red Sonja The Movie
Issue #2: Pin-up

Kull the Conqueror (Volume III)
Issue #3: Cover Art Inks (Bob Budiansky pencils)
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DECEMBER 1954 - JUNE 2009
Daniel Best: I'd hazard a guess and say you're more familiar with Conan though, as opposed to Daredevil.

Dave Simons: Sure! I remember discovering the Lancer paperbacks at Edsall's Drugs in Wallkill, NY when I was in high school. I thought it would make a great comic book, A little over a year later it was one! Did I ever tell you what I thought the ultimate Conan comic would be?

Daniel Best: No. Do share.

Dave Simons: Figures by John Buscema. Backgrounds by Barry Smith. Costumes by Steranko. The whole thing inked by Wallace Wood. Wouldn't that have been great? That's thinking of the division of labor more like in animation, tho.

Daniel Best: Jesus!! I'd have bought that in a heartbeat. Written by whom though?

Dave Simons: Written by Roy Thomas, of course!
Wow, look how yellowed that paper is now! Believe it or not, the main influence on this one is Gustave Dore.

--Dave Simons
There was a lot of Conan stuff.  Once I got into doing the Conan stuff it was pretty fun for me because, hey, itís Conan!  I even co-wrote a Savage Sword of Conan.  I started to see how my pencils would look inked by someone else.  I penciled King Conan and Geoff Isherwood inked it.  I did some work on Red Sonja and Vinnie Colletta inked me on that.

I used to do a lot of pin-up pieces for Savage Sword of Conan.  Back in the 80s, whenever I was short on cash, I'd work up a few sketches and take them to Larry Hama for approval.  Then I could just finish them up and get paid.

--Dave Simons